Old Ship Richmond, 3 King Street, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 1ND

If it's on Sky or BT Sport, it's on here!

With six big screens and Sky and BT Sports there's no better place to watch sport in Richmond.
Enjoy getting as close as you can to all the action without actually being there and make the most of being that much closer If there's something you'd like to watch give us a ring, if we can show it, we will.



World Cup 2018 - 4.00PM - 6.00PM

21st FIFA World Cup is scheduled to take place in Russia from June 14th till July 15th. But if (for some reason) you can't make it to Russia this summer, we've got you covered! What a better way to watch all the games than on our upper deck (aka World Cup Fan Zone) or secret courtyard with a pint of cold beer in your hand? See you there!


World Cup 2018 - 11.45AM

Colombia v Japan 1pm
Poland v Senegal 4pm
Russia v Egypt 7pm


World Cup 2018 - 12.00PM - 9.00PM

Sweden v South Korea 1pm
Belgium v Panama 4pm
Tunisia v ENGLAND
Come & sit on the edge of your seat: it's England's first World Cup Battle! Will this be the year we recreate our 1966 glory? There's only one way to find out & it all starts here!


World Cup 2018 - 11.45AM - 9.45PM

Portugal v Morocco 1pm
Uruguay v Saudi Arabia 4pm
Iran v Spain 7pm


World Cup 2018 - 12.00PM - 9.00PM

Denmark v Australia 1pm
France v Peru 4pm
Argentina v Croatia 7pm


World Cup 2018 - 12.00PM - 9.00PM

Brazil v Costa Rica 1pm
Nigeria v Iceland 4pm
Serbia v Switzerland 7pm


World Cup 2018 - 12.00PM - 9.00PM

Belgium v Tunisia 1pm
South Korea v Mexico 4pm
Germany v Sweden 7pm


World Cup 2018 - 1.00PM - 9.00PM

ENGLAND v Panama 1pm
The dramatic (hopefully!) showdown between two of the world's foremost canal-loving nations takes place today. Will it be a YES for England or a SI for Panama? Come & watch to find out!
Japan v Senegal 4pm
Poland v Colombia 7pm


World Cup 2018 - 3.00PM - 9.00PM

Uruguay v Russia 3pm
Saudi Arabia v Egypt 3pm
Spain v Morocco 7pm
Iran v Portugal 7pm
Don't worry about the time clash folks! We'll be showing all the games across our numerous screens. The only thing you have to worry about is deciding where your allegiance lies.....


World Cup 2018 - 12.00PM - 9.00PM

Denmark v France 3pm
Australia v Peru 3pm
Nigeria v Argentina 7pm
Iceland v Croatia 7pm


World Cup 2018 - 12.00PM - 9.00PM

South Korea v Germany 3pm
Mexico v Sweden 3pm
Serbia v Brazil 7pm
Switzerland v Costa Rica 7pm


World Cup 2018 - 7.00PM - 9.00PM

Japan v Poland 3pm
Senegal v Colombia 3pm
Panama v Tunisia 7pm
ENGLAND v Belgium 7pm
The Belgians may make better chocolate but are they better at football? We hope not! Come & watch for yourself. Maybe whilst defiantly eating a big slab of Dairy Milk.